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the return to macragge

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:30 pm
by Lawz420
The return to Macragge. ( the frist vbattle can be view here )
After many months I finally had time to create another batrep .

On january1st the club got together for a massive day of gaming , after doing the math we realized there was over 200 000 points in our warehouse .

Settling on 3000 point apoc games everyone drew opponents and I pulled a chance to continue my purge of the ultramarines of Macragge.

Seeing as imperial armor volume 2 had just come in and I had a foothold on his planet , we decided to play one of the new missions.

The basic rules were the ultramarines set up on the middle of the table with a 36 inch x48 deployment zone . I could then set up 18 inches in from the short table edges on either side. There were no objectives on the table but a few simple rules to make it interesting.

Each independent character was worth a strategic point when they were killed. And if I had any troops left on the table I could claim an additional strategic point, if none were left he could claim an additional point.

The lists

Marneus Calgar (worth a point)
Tigerius (worth a point)
Librarian (worth a point )
Chaplain (worth a point)
Tech preist
Land raider redeemer formation (nasty 3x redeemers with crazy hell storm attack)
5x regular termie’s
2x vindicator’s
Ultramarines Baneblade
5 x tactical squads with various weapons ( plasma cannons lascannons and such )

The Worldeaters assault force
Anngraath! (worth a point )
Kharn the betrayer (leading maelstrom of gore worth a point.)
Chaos lord on bike with pw and melta bombs (worth a point)
4 x 10 beserkers on foot with p/f skull champs ( 3 were part of the maelstrom one separate.)
2x obliterators
2x brass scorpions.

should have the report and pics uploaed within the next few hours

Re: the return to macragge

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:37 pm
by Lawz420
set up saw the landraiders on one side and the baneblade and vindicators on the other , the tac squads hid out in the landraiders and set up through out the central building in hopes to weather the storm .

hvaing to choose a victory flank to beat out the large amount of templates I opted to leave the baneblade mostly alone
a brass scorpion and a sqaud of zerks , the biker lord and the oblits set up on one side while the maelstrom of gore and the other scorpion took the other oppsoing the landraider formation .

the main stay force of the ultramarines ( marneus , the librarianand five terminators set up inside the building and waited to be whisked off to whereever they were needed > dang psykers ! )

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:43 pm
by Lawz420
Turn one Ultramarines

after a failed steal of the initiative I felt the rath of redeemers and the baneblade at full force. in the movement phase the librarian prepared to whisk the termie and marneus to the fron of the battle to hold the tide of beserkers , but with a bad scatter he rolled back onto his own troops and the preceeded to roll a 1 on the mishap table , suddenly a librarian , marneus and 5 termies were out of the ultrasmarine equation, lost to the warp to fight another day.

despite the heavy loss , the ultramarines pressed on and started the templates from doom , the redeemers fired intandem hitting 2 full squads of zerks and a brass scorpion wth a str9 ap3 template killing 13 beserkers in the process , the baneblade punded Kharn and his squad killing another 2 members with the hail of fire , lascannons and plasma cannons lit up the sky failing to cause any real damage but the pair of vindicaotrs moved forward and wiped out the obliterators with a single volley .
after the shooting phase I was already down 15 beserkers and 2 obliterators OUCH !
the death of the red tide
the aftermath

Re: the return to macragge

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:49 pm
by Lawz420
worldeaters turn 1
despite the loss of a full squad + of zerks I press onward , using my strategen of major possession , Anngratth suceeded in possessing the chaplain pooping out the side of the rear landraider , although unnable to move he did major to whip to ultramarines to death and prepared to assault the landraider , the biker lord moved 24 and sat in the doorway of the central building within range of the approaching vindicators. the 2 brass scorpions moved up to either side of the landraiders and unleashed deadly volleys of fire punishing anyone in sight, the furtherst landraider was assaulted by the first scorpion while anngraath kicked int he central one revealing tigerius and a full tac squad , kharn continued to advance thru the ruins towards the bane blade and by end of turn one , the ultramarines were pushed back into a defensive circle..

the landraider is kicked into bits !

tigerius sees the true power of chaos !

Re: the return to macragge

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:57 pm
by Lawz420
turn 2 ultramarines ,

prepared for the worst Tigerius and his squad attempted metla gunning and assaulting anngraath . around the field the ladraiders took out a few more besserkers and managed to burn off a structure point formt eh brass scorpion , the vindicaotrs fired on the biker lord while they still had a chance but missed horribly killing 2 ultramarines in the process.

in the assault phase tigerius was crushed and 5 marines fell to the mght of anngrath forcing them to run, and without marneus on the tbale the leadership test was failed miserably .

Kharn and 3 beserkers survived the hail of bullets from the tac squads and baneblade to be close enough to assault the baneblade next turn. a lone sgt . rushed out to meet Kharn and the beserkers but did not manage to make the assault.

the Brave sgt
why we know he ain't that brave

Tigerius selling the lives of marines

Re: the return to macragge

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:06 pm
by Lawz420
Turn 2 worldeaters
Let the slaughter begin . ....

with Tigerius fallen , marneus and the librarianb lost in the warp and the chaplain possessed and burst into peices by anngrath I had secured for strategic points to his 0 , at this point the best the ultramarines could hope for was to get a draw ( thus stopping my expansion on his planet)

the movement phase saw Anngraath fly to the rooftop to get rid of the pesky squads atop th ebuilding while the brass scorpions continued to work on the redeemers remaining . Kharn broke of from the remainder of his squad and charegd the landraider while Kharn's squad tore into the impetious sgt.
The biker lord sped thru the building appearing right behind a tac squad that thought that anngraath had left to let them live ....
in the shooting phase the second lanraider fell and many tac marines were set a fire from the scorpions , the beserkers continued to run forward and anngrath lashed out and whipped down 2 more marines on the roof . the assault phase woudl see all the marines in the building wiped out , and kharn walloped a structure point of the baneblade + caused 2 weapon destoryed and damaged the drive ! the crew of beserker learn the sgt really is a tough sob as he takes out the ramianing beserkers but then dies himself in a powerfist bout.

the biker lord tears thru the building to purge it of the holy warriors of man !

Kharn rushes the baneblade whiel the squad face the sgt

Anngraath takes the highest peak on the table

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:13 pm
by Lawz420
Ultramarnes turn 3
the ultramarines made desperate last push , the ramianing landraider took out the last of the besekers thus securing a strategic objective , Kharn was shot down by the combined fire of the remaining lascannons on the baneblade , the brass scopion was metla gunned and crumpled without it's usual exciting explosion and the other brass scropion took another sturcutre point from the vindicators .

turn 3 world eaters saw anngraath wipe out the baneblade , the biker lord mop up the remaining marines and the last bit of confidence left the imperials side .

before turn 4 began it was over .....

the last marine falls to the chaos lord
angraath sights his prey
an unspectacular end
there can only be one

Re: the return to macragge

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:17 pm
by Lawz420
End game

In the end the worldeaters continued slaughtering across Macragge taking th esecond of the eight sections on the planet.
Marneus obviously made a " tactical retreat " as he was afraid of Anngraath.

really I think the game would have gone the other way if Marneus hadn't been lost in the warp as my model count was low due to the super heavies , angraath preformed suberbly , leveling 2 landraiders , 20 marines , tigerius and a baneblade , quick math shows he is more than worth his points and thru it all he only took 2 of his 8 wounds .

this was the last game that the ultramarines will have a point advanatge now it will be 3000 vs 3000 when we play as I have throttled the defenders of macragge twice and have a good sized hold on his planet.

Happy 2010 and Blood for the blood god

c/c always welcome .


Re: the return to macragge

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:40 pm
by birdie
Fantastic report there Lawz, great victory for the World Eaters, probably star player was Angraath for the sheer amount of damage he inflicted, but move of the game had to be Kharn rushing a Baneblade on his own :shock:

As you say the smurfs had some bad luck with Marneus being lost in the warp but you've gotta take the luck when it flows your way.

All in all great report, and great to see two nicely painted armies slugging it out :thumbleft:

Re: the return to macragge

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:41 pm
by Lawz420
yes birdie the bloodgod favored us that night , seeing marneus lost int he warp made me smile , thenhearing he carried a holy relic as the ultramarines strategem made me laugh an evil khornate laugh.